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Advantage Exteriors and Landscape

It's all about the Curb appeal!  Exteriors are the first impression of the home and the first layer of protection against the elements.  New windows can reduce energy loss or heat gain and update and beautify your home.  The right siding complimented with a beautiful deck and deck cover gives you curb appeal and a cool dry place to enjoy your front or back yard.  Or maybe you need to clear an area to make room for that new fire pit or pergola!  We can help!

Siding and Exterior Paint

Damaged, cracked or rotted siding can be an indication of age, moisture problems or leaks.  Whatever the cause, we can fix it and renew your home's siding.  A fresh Coat of paint rejuvenates your home's look.

Decks and Deck Covers

A new deck  and deck cover provides protection from the elements and should seamlessly transition to your home.  Done right, decks should be an invitation to enjoy your outdoor areas and an indication of the beauty inside your home. 


Double and triple pane windows can be the cure for energy loss and gain in your home.  The weakest part of your home structurally and energy wise is your windows.  Take extra care to maximize the energy savings and beauty of your home with the right windows.

Brush and Tree Clearing

Need to take out that overgrown blackberry bush or take down a couple of potentially dangerous trees?  We can do that!  Often clearing an area for a ground mount solar system, or an outdoor entertaining area can end up being much more work than a homeowner wants to take on. 

Excavation and grading

Building a new home and need a site staked and excavated?  We can do everything from new home dig-outs to grading for landscaping and driveways. 

French Drains, retaining walls, hardscaping and landscaping

Water drainage problems?  Flooding basements?  Sloped property?  French drains and retaining walls may be the answer to your problems.  Need a fresh new look?  Maybe an update in landscaping with a paver walkway is the answer.

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What our customers are saying

I had a river in my crawlspace!  Regrading and a French drain, solved it instantly.  They also replaced our damaged siding and painted our home.  All in three days!  

Carson, Skyway WA

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